The pour over is our go to method for brewing.  It's versatile enough to brew up to four cups of coffee and allows control over all of the key variables of brewing - dose, grind, temperature and time.   





  • A paper filter will remove of the oils and coffee fines to produce a cleaner flavor with lighter body.  For people who prefer a heavy body, resuable mesh or stainless steel filters work.
  • For single cup brewing you want a grind slightly coarser than the moka pot, for brewing 3-4 cups, you'll want a grind slightly coarser than a drip machine
  • Three minutes is a good starting point for your brew time.  If the coffee tastes overly bitter, use a lower temperature for the brewing water or reduce the brew time by using a coarser grind or pouring the water faster.
  • If the coffee tastes overly sour, use a higher brewing water temperature or extend the brew time through a slower pour or finer grind
  • If the coffee tastes weak (but the flavor is balanced) increase the dose of coffee used and coarsen the grind to achieve the same initial brewing time.  Do the reverse to lower the intensity of the flavor.  
  • Pourovers are great for making iced coffee.  Simply replace half of the brewing with ice in the bottom vessel