The Moka Pot is a straightforward way of making a rich, strong brew. Though it is often referred to as the stove top espresso maker, they are quite different. It is best to think of a Moka Pot as a compact and affordable brewer that gives you a concentrated dose of coffee, rather than an espresso replacement.   The only drawback is that it can be somewhat temperamental and you might get an unpleasant bitterness in your cup. Watch the video and follow the tips below to the get best (and consistent) flavor out of your moka pot! 





  • Pre heating the water that you pour in to the bottom vessel will speed the process and prevent your coffee from taking on burnt flavors
  • Fill the coffee basket to the top with ground coffee and level it
  • Your grind should be slightly coarser than espresso but still relatively fine
  • If you are still finding your coffee tastes bitter, wrap a cool towel around the base once you take the coffee off the stove to stop the extraction process