Espressos are foundation of a cafe, serving as the base for the cappuccinos, lattes and americanos that are commonly served.  Arguably, one of the most complicated and difficult brewing methods available, changes in humidity, coffee age, roast level and water are just some of the variables that have to be accounted for to brew a good shot.





  • Most cafes in India still use the traditional recipes of 7g of coffee for a 30 mL shot.  While this can work for Robusta blends, when using 100% Arabica coffee it is better to use a ratio closer to 1 part coffee for 2 parts with a brew time between 27-32 seconds.
  • If you find your shot is coming to sour and thin, increase the dose of ground coffee, grind your coffee finer, increase your brewing temperature and/or extend your brewing time by applying more pressure during tamping
  • Do the opposite of the above steps if you're shot is overly bitter or burnt tasting.   
  • Evenly distributing the coffee within the portafilter is important to achieving even extraction.  You can use your fingers to spread the coffee or a distribution tool.
  • Only tamp one time.  Don't knock the side of the portafilter with a tamper and tamp again.