We introduced our subscription service to send you regularly scheduled coffee deliveries and help you save close to 10% compared to buying individual packets. 

You can now modify and customise your subscriptions with ease. With our new system, all you have to do is log into your customer account and update various aspects of your subscriptions at your convenience.  

Following are some of the features that will make it easier for you to manage your subscription:

  • How do I change my shipping date? Just log in and click your desired date (Just make sure to make this change before your coffee is supposed to be roasted!).

  • How do I pick a specific coffee for my next installment? If there's a coffee you love or would like to try, select it from the drop down menu and we'll roast it for your next instalment!
  • How do I pause my subscription? You now have the option to pause your subscription at your convenience. To restart the subscription, just log in and click on 'Resume'.

    • In addition to these, you can now makes changes to your courier partner preference, grind size, special instructions, frequency,  and shipping address. 

    To place your order, head to Subscriptions

    Questions? Write to us at getcoffee@bluetokaicoffee.com