Easy to use, easy to clean and portable, the Aeropress is a great choice for brewing anywhere.  Use the standard method to make a concentrated dose of coffee similar to an espresso or brew the inverted way for a smooth filter coffee.  



  • Paper filters are included with Aeropress, which will remove of the oils and coffee fines to produce a cleaner flavor with lighter body.  For people who prefer a heavy body, resuable stainless steel filters are available.
  • For the standard method, you'll want a fine grind that is slightly coarser than espresso.  For the inverted, you'll want a grind that is slightly coarser than the coffee filter grind.  
  • The Aeropress is ideal for experimenting with different water temperatures for brewing.  Some recipes call for water as low as 80 C while you can brew as high as 94 C.  
  • The Aeropress also makes great iced coffee.  Fill a cup with 110 ml of ice.  Using the inverted method, brew 15g of coffee with 110 ml of water and press over the cup.  
  • The popularity of the Aeropress has led to competitions across the world in which baristas compete to come up with the best coffee.  Try some of the winning recipes here.